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New York City, New York 10001


Prenatal and Infant Demonstrations


Prenatal Massage Demonstrations*

During pregnancy, have you gotten to the point where you just wish your partner would give you a massage?  Well good news!  Not only does weekly massage feel wonderful but it can not only help decrease aches, pains, and depression but it also increases endorphins and helps your baby's development throughout pregnancy!

I understand that it's not always convenient or budget-friendly to receive weekly massage from a professional but it has countless benefits throughout pregnancy.  This is why I offer demonstrations so your partner can give you a massage and be active in your baby's development.  These demonstrations can be done either In-Office or in the comfort of your own home and consists of a simple 20-minute routine that has been proven through studies to decrease pregnancy related depression as well as boost neurological development for the baby.  We'll also discuss positioning through the various stages of pregnancy, products that are great to use, and things to avoid massaging during pregnancy.  Schedule your demonstration and put your partner to work!


$115 - Prenatal Demonstration (1 hour) 


Home Demonstration

$250 - Prenatal Demonstration (Manhattan) 

$350 - Prenatal Demonstration (Bkln/Queens/Bx) 


Infant Massage Demonstrations*

Whether you're a stay-at-home parent, a busy executive parent or anywhere in between, infant massage helps with everything from bonding all the way to increasing neurological development.  Babies are born with a set of communication skills that we don't always give them credit for and the foremost skill is the language of touch.  Through regular massage you can help to establish good behaviors, strengthen the parent-child bond, and promote regular (and deeper) sleep/nap routine.  Massage therapy has also been proven very effective in neurological growth and has had significant effect on children born with diseases and/or conditions that effect the nervous system and brain development.

This demonstration is structured to provide a simple routine for you and your baby as part of a daily routine.  I'll show you not only how to most effectively massage your baby but also how to recognize when is the best time for your baby to receive massage.  After the session you also get a set of laminated cards with the routine so you'll always have a guide to fall back on.  These demonstrations are done in the comfort of your own home and I highly encourage both parents as well as the nanny to be present.  Set up your demonstration and make massage part of your baby's routine!

Home Demonstration

$115 - Infant Massage Demonstration (Manhattan) 

$185 -Infant Massage Demonstration (Bx/Bk/Queens)

Group Demonstrations

Are you part of a new mother's group?  I'm happy to do workshops with up to 10 babies.  Group rates start at $35/baby.  Email me at for a quote. 

*Disclaimer: This demonstration does not qualify any person attending as a licensed massage therapist and is meant to be for massaging spouse to spouse or parent to child.  Massage therapy is a licensed healthcare profession and it is a federal offense to collect money for massage without the proper license.